Cyclone + Earthquake +
Hurricane + Tsunami
Lesson # 1
Forget about satphones, BPL,
cellphones, e-mail and Internet.
HF radio is vital! Latest facts

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Hot frequencies and digital data decoder screenshots

The most up-to-date worldwide shortwave radio handbook available today. Really user-friendly. Latest DRM schedules and equipment information. Twenty-eighth edition! 37,000+ entries on CD cover all broadcast and utility stations on shortwave. 912 new screenshots. Thirtyeth edition! Reveals the immense potential of HF e-mail. Includes the very latest frequencies used now after the sunspot minimum. More than 230 new screenshots. Thirty-second edition! More than 26,000 (twenty six thousand!) fascinating digital data decoder screenshots from our continuous HF radio monitoring between 1968 and today! Hundreds of different recordings on CD covering all modes on shortwave and beyond 2024 frequency database for the Perseus LF-MF-HF Software-Defined Receiver with 12,856 entries

Download free Supplement January 2024 with more than 240 new frequencies

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