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2019 Super Frequency List on CD, 36'899 entries
graphical user interface in English +
Bedienungs-Oberfläche auch in Deutsch!
30 EUR
2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio Stations, 550 pages
includes free Supplement published January 2020!
50 EUR
2019 Shortwave Frequency Guide, 350 pages 40 EUR
USB stick with 16,000+ Digital Data Decoder Screenshots 1997-2019
of latest professional equipment such as PROCITEC and WAVECOM
210 EUR
Radio Data Code Manual, 604 pages 40 EUR
Double Compact Disc with Modulation Types, Set 1,
71 recordings
60 EUR
Double Compact Disc with Modulation Types, Set 2,
123 recordings
60 EUR
Radiotelex Messages 1974-1998, 572 pages 30 EUR

Package deals

Items Code Price
Shortwave Frequency Guide
+ Super Frequency List on CD save 10 EUR
Pack 3 60 EUR
Shortwave Frequency Guide
+ Guide to Utility Radio Stations save 10 EUR
Pack 2 80 EUR
Super Frequency List on CD
+ Guide to Utility Radio Stations save 10 EUR
Pack 1 70 EUR
Shortwave Frequency Guide
+ Guide to Utility Radio Stations
+ Super Frequency List on CD save 20 EUR
Pack 4 100 EUR
USERLIST.TXT for the Perseus LF-HF Software-Defined Receiver
+ Super Frequency List on CD save 10 EUR
Pack 6 70 EUR
CD Modulation Type Recordings Set 1
+ CD Modulation Type Recordings Set 2 save 10 EUR
Pack 5 110 EUR
Guide to Utility Radio Stations
+ Radio Data Code Manual
+ Radiotelex Messages
Pack 7 100 EUR
Guide to Utility Radio Stations
+ Radio Data Code Manual
+ Radiotelex Messages
+ Double CD with Modulation Types Sets 1 + 2 (total four CDs)
Pack 8 210 EUR

2019 databases on CD

BC2019.XLS HF Broadcast Stations Database, 4'619 entries
100 EUR
UT2019.XLS HF Utility Stations Database, 8'467 entries 200 EUR
BC2019.XLS + UT2019.XLS package price save 50 EUR 250 EUR
2019 USERLIST.TXT for the Perseus LF-HF Software-Defined Receiver
Specially formatted HF Stations Database
based on BC2019.XLS + UT2019.XLS
total 13'086 entries
50 EUR
OLD.XLS Former HF Utility Stations Database, 23'813 entries 350 EUR

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    Alas, this scandalous indifference towards the far-too-much-tax-payer - and business in general! - is perfectly typical for the most ineffective administration of the most incompetent ruler of this country in recent history. Just one example: Internet speed in Germany is laughable. The same goes for cellphone coverage in the countryside. This fundamental requirement for a modern economy is much better in really developed nations such as America Canada Malaysia Mauritius Norway Singapore Switzerland and, believe it or not, at the end of the modern world in the remote mountains of Rimella, un microcomune piemontese di solo 73 abitanti. Inoltre, nostri amici Alda e Sergio sull'Alpe Baranca hanno velocissimo internet / posta elettronica / telefono via satellite Eolo x solo 40 EUR al mese!!!

    Inutile dire che, we've been in this truly global business for more than half a century, and we do know pretty well what we're talking about!

    By consequence, with immediate effect, postage costs will be slightly higher than expected when we edited our 2019 catalogue in November 2018. Single books now have to be airmailed by letter, which is pretty fast anyway, for just 1 one EUR more than before. Two and more books have to be shipped as a small parcel, since book post up to 5 kilograms - a worldwide standard that has been around for decades - is no longer available at all. In the interest of our customers worldwide, we'll try our best to keep postal charges low anyway, and despite those absurd and ridiculous UPU regulations that have been decided by the fully ignorant regulatory agency of, as we say in Malaysia, debladigarmen. Tak boleh tahan lah ... S'lamat malam ke N'gara Jerman!

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