German authorities are strongly advised to consider the state of the art in today's information technology, and to consider the latest national and international jurisdiction anyway. Recent relevant rulings and pertinent sources are e.g.

For good reasons we lay particular stress on the fact that all data has been collected during our frequent overseas monitoring missions in tropical countries, via selected Web-SDRs worldwide, or by foreign radio monitors overseas. What's more, commercial • confidential • critical • private message content is more or less heavily encrypted - again: with today's information technology! - and perfectly unreadable anyway. We are definitely not involved in cryptology!

Just for the record ... Hundreds of unclassified information sources on shortwave frequencies are perfectly easily available worldwide - published in books, CDs, databases, magazines, and/or on commercial, governmental, and/or private Internet sites with open access. Here are just but a few in alphabetical order - for beginners ...